Return to Sender

Irving Park Lutheran Church sent 388 of its men and women to the military during World War II. Recently, we discovered a box containing more than 1,000 letters written by 236 of the IPLC members in the military. So far, we have returned the letters to 135 original letter writers or their families. We're still looking for the following letter writers or their families. Please look at the list, and if you know anything about any of these people, contact the IPLC office or E-mail Ralph Greenslade at

(Confirmation Class: A=Adult; R=Reaffirmation)

+ = killed in action

Here is a list of the 101 letter writers from World War II that we've been unable to locate:

Carl H. Ahlgren

(32) Joseph H. Almquist

Grace Westberg Amundsen

Harvey M. Andersen

(37?) Donald C.(or)M. Anderson

Roy Anderson

Thorwald H. Anderson

Joseph Aubry

(35) Le Roy Benson

Charles Bentz

Carl G. Berglund

(30) Lawrence Oscar Berglund

Ralph B. Bersell

(36) William A. Blumhagen

Philip J. Brewer

Rodney Wm. Brewer

Dorothy Brown

(33) Arthur L. Carlson

Bill Carlson

Earling L. Carlson

Edward S. Carlson

Sven M. Carlson

Ray Cashman

Arthur W. Clark

(35) James E. Ebenholtz

(41R) Harold O. Eichmann

Russell Finn

John Friedstrom

(40) William C. Froehlich

Carl O. Gilbert

Janet Goranson

William B. Goranson

(35) Leonard R. Hansen +

Carl "Bert" Hanson

(33) Donald R. Hanson

(27) John P. Hedlund

Alexander Hermann

Victor M. Hokanson

(33) Kenneth A. Holmberg

William A. Hoveland

Albert C. Jacobson

Paul J. Jancovic

"Bob" Johnson

Carl C. Johnson

Clifford T. Johnson

(32) Harold A. Johnson

Kurt Johnson

(25/35?)Raymond Victor Johnson

Robert D. Johnson

(34) Robert E. Johnson

(37) Robert G. Johnson +

Rodney H. Johnson

(37) Robert L. Jones

Edward J. Jordan

Arthur Kalmar

William J. Kiley

Dorris C. Larson

(41R) John K. Larson

Marius Bejer Lassen

J.G. "Gus" Lays

Leonard Lindblom

Carl Lindroth

Clifford Lindstrom

(33) Norman C. Lindquist

Harry Linn

Franklin Lundquist

Edmund Clarence Lust +

Albert J. Mack

Harold R. Major

Walter P. Mortensen

George H. Moyland

William C. Munson

(39) Lawrence G. Nelson

Albert Neumann

Henry C. Oberg

Roy W. Ohlson

George C. Olsen

Norman K. Olsen

Walter E. Olson

Earl M. Pearson

Edward W. Pollex

(34) Harry Porz

Fred A. Reisner

(30) Stanley Edward Rolph

(32) Robert M. Rosberg

(31) Robert A. Sandberg

(29) Warner Carl Sevander

Charles Specht

Arthur R. Swanson

(30) Mae Helen Swanson

Melvin R. Swanson

(25) Walter Clarence Swanson

(38) Charles J. Thomas

Frederick C. Wagner

"Warren's Mom"

(36) Robert W. Weiss

Ray Wikstrom

Edson S. Willaman

Robert Stayman Willaman +

(39) Arthur G. Williams

Richard F. Williams