Serve and Give

God gives freely, lovingly, abundantly. We respond with open hands and hearts, offering our time, talents, and treasure to carry out God’s mission in the world.

Serve: Numerous dedicated volunteers lead and support IPLC as teachers, worship leaders, singers and musicians, church council and team members, property caretakers, parish visitors, garden workers, after school tutors, and many other roles. For more information and other ways of volunteering, e-mail

Give: Regular giving supports daily ministry and is a spiritual discipline. We encourage households to give joyfully from the top of their blessings (rather than from the leftovers), working towards a biblical tithe. In turn, IPLC tithes towards ministries outside the congregation, supporting our local food pantry, relief and development projects abroad, partner and parent Lutheran organizations, and more. To make a one time or recurring gift to IPLC, click here.

Generosity is part of a faith-filled, God-centered life. Thank you!