Learning Team

Who is on your team?

Roberta Bole, Anna Fogelis, Sue Geisler, Carmen McKenzie, Lee Samsami Stein, Sandra Stumme, Darcie Wadycki

What does your team do?

The Learning Team supervises Sunday School, Adult Education, Youth Activities, Confirmation, and Magic Mushroom.

When do they meet?

The team meets fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the church.

How is God's work accomplished by your team? What does ministry mean in your area?

We prayerfully and joyfully spread God's Word and the beliefs of the Lutheran Church to the children, youth, and adults through teaching, worship, visual arts, music, performance, discussions, trips, service projects, and intergenerational activities.

Any other information that visitors should know about your team?

We truly enjoy and feel called to do this work!

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