Adult Education

Each Sunday a group gathers at 9:15 a.m. in Victory Hall to talk together about the Biblical texts for the day or some other matter related to our faith. You are invited to attend.

The Lutheran church is a learning and teaching church. Christians are — or need to be — lifelong learners in their faith. "As Christians mature in their knowledge and experience in the world, their faith also should deepen and mature. If their knowledge of the faith fails to keep up with their knowledge of the world, then their understanding of God will be affected. As people grow older, a changing world presents new questions and dilemmas to them, and based on their continuing life experience, they raise new questions about their world and faith. Continued growth and learning in the faith enable Christians to see how their faith gives direction and sheds light on their changing lives." ("Our Calling in Education," a social statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, page 13).

Our Sunday morning Adult Forum provides an opportunity for such lifelong learning. In an informal setting, with a lot of conversation and give-and-take, we pray and then talk about our faith and its meaning for our daily life. Often we read and talk about the Biblical texts that are read that Sunday in worship, thereby gaining a deeper insight into their meaning. At other times we may view a video or talk about a current issue or read a book or article together. The group is diverse in background, age, and experience, which leads to some lively but always fun and respectful discussions. All are invited to join the conversation.